Pain On Squeezing Heel

Hi, thanks for joining me. My name is David, I am a Certified Pedorthist at Foot Solutions Halifax here to give you a few tips on heel slippage. If you have one foot a little longer than the other or the ball of your foot is extra wide compared to the heel you may experience some heel slippage. A little slippage is okay in new shoes, a lot is not. If it feels like it’s too much, try one of the following tips. One way to accommodate for heel slippage, or one foot being slightly smaller than the.

Other, is to add these cork cheaters or taps, you can take one or two taps, remove the foot bed, place the taps in underneath the toes, right up to the very end, put your liner back in there to hold them in snug, and now it acts as a tiny ramp and pushes you back into the heel, to the narrow part of the shoe and holds you better. With the liner in there it’s a permanent fix they’ll never move again. Another tip for heel slippage that we call bunny ears on lace shoes, is you pull the.

Laces back just one eyelet, put them back in on the same side so to create an ear, here is your bunny ears, you take the opposite ends just pull them snug, now every time you do this it acts as a ratchet and pushes you back in the narrow part of the shoe and helps prevent the heel slippage, and that’s it. A lot of people like heel grips, which is our least favorite. But if you are going to use them, don’t them in like this, because not the heel grip is going to push you forward right here into the wider part of the shoe.

Tips for Heel Slippage

What you want to do is to cut them in half and then take it at place each side here, so you are no longer being pushed, but this is squeezing your heel making it snugger. So that you be the best way to use heel grips in our opinion. Okay, you want to take your tongue pad, peel of the backing on both sides, place it underneath the tongue of your shoe and press it on, voila, you are done. It will now push you back the narrow part of the shoe. into.

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