Plantar Fasciitis Blood Treatment

My name’s Julie Carey and I’m a teacher. I had been struggling with plantar fasciitis for a year and a half and it initially began when I was on a run a week before I left the country to teach in Jakarta, Indonesia. I couldn’t function normally in the world. I was on crutches and taped up and icing and doing exercises and all of those things and finally decided to come back to the US and get surgery on my foot. I came back and found Dr. O. She did as many conservative treatments as she could think of, but unfortunately,.

After about 6 months she finally told me that a second surgery was necessary. At that point I was really at the end of my rope. It had been about two years since I’d led a normal life everything in my life had stopped, I was desperate. I was really scared of doing surgery a second time, but Dr. O. had worked with a friend of mine and she really trusted her and so I went in and got the second surgery and three months later, I discovered that after three months in a cast, I realized it had worked. My life is back!.

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