Plantar Fasciitis Differential Diagnosis

Ian was having a lot of pain in his knee and we decided to take him to our primary care physician who then xrayed him and referred him to the Sports Medicine clinic at UC Davis for further diagnosis. His condition is relatively unique and rare in the general pediatrics world, but not so rare in the sports medicine world. He had osteochondritis dissecans lesions which basically means his knee joint had a lesion where the bone we call it the subchondral bone the bone underneath the cartilage was starting to wear down gradually over time. Every time would go in you know there was.

A checkup. Dr. Mortazavi would stretch him out, see what level of pain he was still in and they would discuss that. We would view images each and every time we went in so we really had a lot a lot of information and we really felt like we understood everything that was going on. Everything was made very clear to us. He was a good doctor and he really helped with what type of pain I had and stuff. and he could recognize it quickly. He’s a great doctor. Dr. Mortazavi said he’s got full clearance.

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