Plantar Fasciitis High Heels

I’m doctor Kelly Robazza for Beaches Health Group in Toronto Today I’d like to discuss some of the common complaints that we see in our office, how we treat them and some tips on giving you home care. Did you ever hear someone complain about the first step in the morning it is as if they were stepping on a piece of glass this is an indication a plantar fasciitis plantar fasciitis is an inflammation or an ‘itis’ of the plantar fascia. The most common type of foot is a high arch rigid style but chronic pressure on the ball and.

Heel of the foot is going to create and an undue amount of stress and pressure. It is complicated by high heeled shoes, firm leather sole shoes or walking barefoot on a hard surface. But this area in particular gets inflamed and it becomes quite sore. Icing the area and and trying to stretch and lubricate this plantar fascia is the best thing to help with treatment because these areas are difficult to treat they often become chronic problems that’s where we would step in and provide some therapy basically what we would do is ultrasound or laser or shockwave.

Applied to the area complaint which is the heel and anything that’s going to stretch the arch itself whether it’s a rolling pin or help the patient with the a golf ball tennis ball you can massage across the Arch to get it some length and taking inflammation down at the heel. We would couple that with a custom orthotic to help support the arch and provide pressure all the way across the arch and basically remove the two pressure points from the foot. It’s a good way to break a chronic problem.

Beaches Health Group Plantar Fasciitis

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