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Parents coming into my surgery telling me that their child’s got an bottom is a really really common occurrence. What really upsets me, at least for for their sake is that parents are horrified when I tell them by far the most likely cause is Treadworm. People dread the idea getting an infestation and threadworm is far and away the most common infestation in the UK it is passed on very very easily by what’s called the fecal oral route in other words the threadworms live in your gut when you poo, wipe yourself use your hands don’t wash your hands.

Quite as thoroughly as you might do, things get stuck underneath the fingernails they get swallowed by you, or you touch somebody, someone else touches, that and puts it into their mouth. It’s not a happy thought but I’m afraid that’s the way it happens, and that’s why hand washing is so absolutely essential. Threadworms don’t harm you but they do cause symptoms usually when they come out of your gut, so you swallow the eggs they then grow, takes about two weeks to become adults, and then live in your large colon or.

Large bowel for about six weeks. During the course of this horrible so it may seem, the average female worm can lay about 10 thousand eggs. She normally comes out of the bottom and lays the eggs round the bottom around the skin outside the bottom at night, when it’s nice and warm so that’s why were the most common symptoms is itching around the bottom ir itching around the vaginal area sometimes that scratching can cause inflammation, an infection with a germ which gets in, sometimes underneath the skin. So those are going to be the most common symptoms, itching around.

Threadworms what they are and how to get rid of them

The bottom in boys itching around the bottom or the vaginal area in girls. How do you tell if you’ve got an infection Well you can’t always but one of the ways is to look at the poos. Sometimes you’ll see little white pieces of thread, basically like white cotton thread about half an inch long. Which won’t necessarily be wriggling by the time they get there sometimes if you wait till your child’s asleep and just put the buttocks very gently apart you can see little threat threads coming out. The good news.

Is they don’t cause any fundamental damage, they don’t burrow through the gut wall like some exotic infections from Africa and so on do, and they’re relatively easy to get rid of. What you need to do is to treat everybody in the family with a single tablet, one single dose, anyone over the age of 2 probably repeated a couple weeks later. That’s the easy bit the tough bit is not getting re infected, because these eggs can survive for quite a long time. So to begin with same day you take the treatment, really big spring clean.

Change all the beds, change all the towels. Do not shake out the towels or sort the laundry in the bathroom because those eggs can be sprayed everywhere, including onto your toothbrushes where they go straight in again horrible thought I know, but it happens. Do make sure you wipe all the surfaces really really well if your child, or any of you have got threadworm, tight underwear at night will reduce itching and also reduce the spread and likelihood of getting eggs underneath the nails, cutting fingernails short using a separate towel, and everyone in the family having separate towels.

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