Plantar Fasciitis Private Treatment

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Hi, I’m Steve Canuel. I’m a chiropractor in Melbourne, Florida. We treat a variety of different patient conditions ranging from headaches, to neck pain pain between the shoulder blades and low back pain. In addition we see shoulder injuries and carpal tunnel. We also treat problems with the knee and the feet. We see people with disc bulges, sciatica, stenosis and arthritis. Patients who have been in auto accidents and sports injuries.

As well as women experiencing low back pain due to pregnancy. We treat patients with a variety of different type of techniques including traditional handson type chiropractic which you may be familiar with as well as low force techniques such as the Arthrostim instrument or the activator. We use cuttingedge technologies such as cold laser and spinal decompression. We also have many massage therapists on staff. Traditional physiotherapy type modalities such as the Estim and ultrasound and therapeutic.

Activities and exercises. Canuel Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Call (321) 4994608 to schedule an appointment today! Melbourne Chiropractor, Canuel, Stephen H. D.C. youtu.beaRWRRKuwpcQ.

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