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Ultra Orthotic a thinner soft insole perfect for sports shoes with limited space

Welcome to the Docpods Podiatrists Reviewand today we’ll be reviewing the Docpods Ultra Orthotic Insole. The Docpods Ultra Orthotic Insole is a fulllengthantibacterial insole. It has rearfoot and forefoot poron cushioning positions to helpwith comfort and it’s a thin firm insole which helps with fitting in shoes with limited space. Let’s take a closer look at the features ofthe Docpods Ultra Orthotic Insole. It has a moderate medial arch support, a medial lateralarch support. These features combine with a thin fourfoot extension to make it perfectfor shoes with limited space.

You can see here that the medial arch supporthelps to control overpronation and limit foot pain. The poron pads help to cushion the high pressureareas of the foot and limit shock. Thanks for watching the Docpods PodiatristsReview of the Ultra Orthotic Insole. For more information on our products please go to ourWeb site, Docpods .au..

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