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Plantar Fasciitis Injection Treatment for Heel Pain Auburn Medical Group

I’m going to the shop heart i use a topical spray to try to make it as terrible as possible i can tell you that the foot is a sensitive area so you will feel it i’m not gonna lie and say you’re feeling now when we go down and get to that point where we actually put this stuff that’s the tender . and you will feel pain when when it starts to inject their i’m just warning you hello and thanks for joining us going on here today we’re going to be doing a an injection for plantar fasciitis these are not done that often but I wind conservative measures don’t work this is.

Actually pretty good way to get rid of the pain that comes along with plantar fasciitis if any of you have had plantar fasciitis out there you know how severely painful this can be that first step in the morning is just ridiculously painful so we want to thank sue for help now us out here we do want to respect her wishes that she didn’t want her face to be shown but we will show you the procedure in this close detail as we can’t so so soo has tried all of the conservative measures right so we’ve tried the proper footwear which is number one the stretching ice.

What else have we done she even got one of those little elastic bands that puts pressure on it and it’s been how long now since january so digital what is it sep tember so that’s eight months she’s been having here and and those all did help but it didn’t make it go completely away and the reason we’re doing this now is because it has been so long and because we’re gonna be going on a trip right and we’ll be doing a lot of walking so we want to make sure that you’re all ready for that and is a good way to get relief so first we gotta find the area that is tender probably the whole foot but the area worth we inject.

Is right down here pretty tender there yeah okay so so I actually make my injection just a lateral but its most tender probably right about here oh yeah yeah hey we’ve got it sorry so so that’s actually where I’m going to be aiming for as I go in to place that little amount so we clean you off with some alcohol here because I consider myself a nice we use the topical spray to numb up the skin as best we can so that’s what this is its ethyl chloride and we just spray it right on.

There cold I guess it’s kind of like putting ice behind the ear before you get a Pierce I don’t know if anybody even does that anymore do they still do that they have those cool guns these days so you can see it kinda gettin cold they’re all that is still cold we will place our needle so little post right in yep right there is where we want to be walk a little south you doing okay pull back you see that’s pretty deep there but that’s where we want to get it right in you’re gonna feel that as that medicine is going in and I apologize shaking.

Because it’s kind of hard to push in the thing so because i have a tremor and then we’re going to put a little as we and all done I know it’s it’s the foot tender area but you did great no jumping more freedom or any fourletter words like that like wait I’m not going given the examples will throw a bandaid on there right over it like that and what I’m going to do is actually massage a little it should you feel better than it did i’m pushing pretty hard yeah and you jumped last time I did that so so.

You’re so it’s good news you’ve got some relief now so that means we got the medicine the right spot and again to medicines in there one of them is the numbing medication which will last six to eight hours that will wear off don’t overdo it don’t go hiking up and you know this year as in the next six hours so that without will wear off after six to eight hours the steroid won’t really kick in for 24 to 48 hours so there’s a window there the pain can come back and sometimes be even more severe than normally is ice stretching.

Why do cortisone injections help Plantar Fasciitis

So why do cortisone injections help plantar fasciitis well cortisone is an antiinflammatory cortisone is a steroid uh. and so being that you have the planter fascia inflamed; swollen we use the cortisone to decrease that swelling right at the site.

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