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Nithyanandam ! My name is Dr Pradeep Raut. I am working here as a paediatrician. I am taking a super speciality training in neonatology. I have done my MBBS after that I have done my post graduation in paediatrics in India. Coming to Singapore I have done M.Med which is a specialist degree in paediatrics. Then I did a masters in paediatrics from UK. And I am working here as super speciality training fellow in a neonatology. That is basically looking after the small and sick ones. I have been following Swami since.

Last 3 years. One of my most strong experience with Swami is healing. I used to have a calcaneal spur. That means a painful heal. At the base of the heal there used to be an extra growth of the bone which would be very painful when I walk. I used to have long walking hours. Long working hours especially during the night duties. I would work from morning 8 to next day 2 oclock. And by evening my heal will be very very painful. I used to have special insole. I used to put special type of shoes to minimise the.

Pain. When I went for NSP, actually I did not ask for the healing but during the dharshan and during those 4 days, that pain just gone off. And in last two years it has been pain free. I don’t know how it worked. But to me its Swami’s healing energy that has worked and that has taken care of my calcaneal spur. I belong to a medical fraternity whereby calcaneal spur doesn’t go off without much treatment and it can be very painful a lifelong condition. But to me it has come.

Swamis Energy Healed My Calcaneal Spur NSP Singapore

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