Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Nz

Welcome to the docpods podiatrists review and today we’ll be talking about the docpods Ultra Soft Orthotic Insole. The Docpods Ultra Soft is our premium fulllength soft orthotic insole. You can see here that the Docpods Ultra Soft is a very flexible soft orthotic. This makes is perfect for enclosed fashion shoes, work books and running shoes. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Docpods Ultra Soft. The Docpods Ultra.

Soft orthotic has a high medial arch support, a deep heel cup to keep the foot’s natural fatty pad beneath the heel, forefoot and rearfoot poron cushioning positions; these help to cushion the highimpact areas of the foot. The high medial arch support helps to limit overpronation and prevent foot pain. The lateral arch support supports the outside of the foot which helps to add stability. Thanks for watching the Docpods Podiatrists Review on the Docpods Ultra Soft Orthotic.

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