Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Tools

Plantar fasciitis is a very common pain that people have. That plantar fascia runs from the heel up towards the toes on the bottom of the foot. With every step we take, we’re putting stress and strain on that fascia. If our arch starts collapsing, it puts more strain too. So people who are overpronating the foot put extra stress and strain down here. People who walk with more of a hard pound end up overwhelming this tissue. The most common place for injury is right where the calcaneus or heel bone attaches but we can get problems.

Anywhere through. We’re going to use Graston to help slide along and break up some of that scar tissue. We’ve already put a little electric and ice on this area to calm it down and get rid of the pain, inflammation and numb it a little bit for us. We’re going to slide along the skin. Now, people who are a little ticklish will feel ticklish for a few seconds until it starts to go away. What I feel is this grittiness where those bumps or ridges that we’re sliding along.

It feels like gravel or sand paper as we’re going through. We’re going to be comfortably tolerable. On a scale of 010, I say keep us at a 3 or 4. We’re going to work that entire fascia all the way from the toes down to the heel for several minutes until it break up all that scar tissue. We’re going to work our way right down on that spot where there’s probably a little bit more tenderness so we’re going to be careful with that. With people who have plantar fasciitis, many times it’s caused by other things. So we’re.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment With Graston Technique

Going to look at how is our foot strength. Does our foot and arch start to drop down too much Does she have posterior tibialis tendon problems and tendinitis right at this spot Is the calf and Achilles starting to have stress and strain With plantar fasciitis, we’re always working on decreasing the spasms and tightness in the calf muscle and hamstrings with it. So treatment is more than just on the bottom of the foot. It needs to be that whole system, that whole gait. For you to walk, your legs.

Have to swing all the way from where this foot lands on the ground to go backwards, to swing forward, to land again and we have to make sure that all the muscles are flexible and lose enough to allow the joints to move as they should. Treatment usually is a course of several weeks but we should see a decrease in pain intensity and frequency. That sharp stabbing pain first thing in the morning is going to quickly decrease to a more of a dull ache. The overall symptoms will continue to improve through treatment.

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