Professional Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

这个贴布的�一个作用是适用于足底筋膜炎,也就是疼痛点�生在脚的底部,脚的部分 这个�能是由于过度使用或约�脚�的�动范围,��脚活�支撑�好的鞋�,这是我们的贴布作用于它的一�方法 这个应用的人体方�是脚�背屈,或者�上抬脚� 我伸展我的脚趾�在桌�上以便于他们��伸展状� 我的第一片贴布将�自于我撕下的一片I型贴布然�在贴布商标的末端造一个固定点 (这时我将尽��用我自己的手去触碰贴布�则�能碰掉一些粘�剂) 在这里我无张力贴绷带固定点,使固定点��在那个�置 在贴布上施加适当的张力,以便于这儿有好的伸展

当到脚�上时我以无张力贴布,尤其注��直到贴布末端或固定点 现在在我�需�摩擦它你能用一些背纸 通过一些摩擦一些热�确�的粘�力 这个程�的第二步是撕下�一片I型贴布 我�样�在贴布末端的商标处撕出个固定点 这时如果痛点在脚�处或紧紧在那��一点那就是你�将贴布贴下的地方 我将在脚的外侧固定,无张力固定贴布 从现在起我把贴布完全拉伸,贴过足弓

就是在�骨的下�我将使贴布的张力��解除,无张力贴完剩余的部分 �一次固定点上没有张力,满张力贴过足弓,在�骨的上�我将使贴布的张力��解除, 如果这些�能缓�症状,或者如果你的症状(疼痛)往�脚跟移动些许 你现在能撕下第三片贴布�次在贴布末端的商标那形�一个固定点 这个地方在与第一片贴布一�的�置��(�次贴布的这个部�是没有张力的) 满张力的贴布贴过脚的底部 当我�到脚�中间或里�部分,在脚�骨处下�一点的�置解除张力, 无张力贴完剩余绷带

好了,现在我将用胶纸给予适当很好的摩擦,产生些热� 这样�能使贴布更好的粘�在皮肤上 这是贴布适用于足底筋膜炎的一个方法�.

How to Cure Plantar Fasciitis in 1 week

Hey, guys, Axe here. Today I’m going toshare with you my secrets to curing plantar fasciitis, and I can tell you from being atriathlete myself, over the years I’ve struggled with injuries and pain like plantar fasciitisand ITB syndrome and other injuries that for most people they have to live with for a longtime. But what I did was I did research and found the natural cures and natural ways toreally improve plantar fasciitis. Now, there are four secrets to curing plantarfasciitis. Number one, doing deep tissue work on the area; number two, stretching; numberthree, there are actually nutritional foods and supplements that can cure plantar fasciitis;and last but not least, strengthening the

muscles of your feet.So let me go through the four ways that you can cure your plantar fasciitis. Number one, deep tissue massage. You can hirea massage therapist or the cheapest, most effective way to do it is either get a tennisball or a baseball at home, or my favorite is a rolling pin, and put this right underyour foot here like so. You can do this barefoot or with a sock on, and really just kind ofgoing deep over time, stretching out that tendon. What happens when you have plantarfasciitis, that tendon and fascia becomes very, very tight and it starts to stretchout, just like if you pulled a muscle on your

low back or let’s say your neck. Getting deeptissue massage breaks up the scar tissue, relaxes the muscles. So going back and forthabout two minutes at a time, really just kind of getting in that one little area like so.That is the number one thing you can do to help cure your plantar fasciitis. And I woulddo this twice, two to three times a day for about two to five minutes. Start off at two.Work your way up to five minutes. The second thing you want to do to cure yourplantar fasciitis is do deep stretching. I would go and get a block, or a set of stairsis the easiest way to do this. And really, again, find a set of stairs and really justkind of stretch that area. Lean up against

there, so doing deep stretching of that plantartendon. The third secret to curing plantar fasciitis,and by the way this is very, very important, is getting certain nutrients in your bodythat help relax tendons. Those nutrients are: number one, magnesium. Magnesium is essential,doing about 500 mg a day. I would do 500 mg right before bed. That relaxes that muscle.That’s the number one nutrient for healing plantar fasciitis. Also, along with magnesium,doing vitamin B5. It’s called pantothenic acid. That’s been shown to help relax themuscle and help heal the plantar tendon. Number three is fish oil. Getting more Omega3s inyour diet can also help heal that area. So

remember magnesium, remember vitamin B5 andalso doing, as we talked about, fish oil, and then vitamin C can also help with theabsorption of B5, another good thing to do. But make sure you’re following an antiinflammatorydiet. Getting those supplements will help relax that plantar tendon. And last but not least, one of the main causesof plantar fasciitis is actually not wearing the right type of shoes and having weak footmuscles. Our bodies were meant to be moving barefoot. That’s our original design, walkingbarefoot, where a lot of these shoes today cause us to compensate and only use certainareas of our foot, and so actually most of

our feet muscles get weak. So actually walkingaround barefoot or switching over to barefoot shoes, these are the original Vibram shoesthat I have, these sort of barefoot shoes. They really actually strengthen your tendon.Now what I wear today are these Merrells, which don’t have the five fingers but theystill have these Vibram bottom. So this is more of a barefoot shoe. Wearing barefootshoes will help strengthen your calf muscles. It’ll help strengthen one of those many, manylittle muscles within your feet. It’s going to help raise your arch. So that’s actuallygoing to help strengthen your foot, longterm help improve your plantar fasciitis.

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