Remedial Exercise For Plantar Fasciitis

So what you’re going to do is, you’re going to look for this little deep spot right here at the base of the heel and you’re going to work across it. It can be very, very painful. Now this is one position that you can work on it in. I’m going to show you another one in just a moment. So you would, you can also reverse your hands and you can come at it from the medial aspect, and you’re going to go fairly deep and short. And check in with.

Your client about the pressure. This can be a very, very painful technique and unfortunately, in order to get in there and do the work adequately, you’ll probably have to cause some discomfort. So sometimes it’s nice to break that up with a few strokes and just take a little break before you go back in there. Another technique that you can use is to get your index and your middle finger in there and brace with the middle finger over the index and work deeply right there. A little later in the segment, I’ll show you ice massage on this.

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