Rsd Foot Pain Treatment

It began with slight swelling, some colorchanges. As it goes along, you can see how the swelling startsshowing more. At the end, you can see how the swelling is starting in the right foot as well.

RSD Attorney Ed Smith What are the Different Types of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

What are the different types of Complex RegionalPain Syndrome? Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, or “RSD,â€�is one of two types of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or “CRPSâ€� a sometimes devastatingneurovascular condition. The other type of CRPS is known as causalgia.Both conditions result from trauma – causalgia can result from more significant injuriesthat cause actual nerve damage, while RSD can result from even very minor injuries wherethe nerve isn’t directly damaged. Both RSD and causalgia usually affect one arm or legbut can also affect other parts of the body. Both conditions can either appear immediatelyafter an injury or sometimes not appear until

months later. Both RSD and causalgia producea constant burning pain that is made worse by light touch, movement, exercise and stress.The skin in the affected area is often much cooler or hotter than the surrounding areaand may be abnormally sweaty. Longterm problems include constriction of the skin and underlyingtissues and loss of use of the hand or foot. If you or a loved one have been diagnosedwith RSD, even if after only a very minor injury, it is important to consult with alaw firm specializing in helping victims of this condition.

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