Severe Pain Heel Left Foot

This application is for general heel pain which may be caused by heel spurs, severs, or many other conditions this is how we can tape for it the first piece in this application is going to be an Istrip and on that Istrip I am going to to tear the paper in the middle peeling that paper back taking care not touch the adhesive on the tape and when applying stretch to this piece I’m going to up apply nice even pressure not to pinch the tape in the middle and so I’m flattening my thumbs out on the tape as I stretch.

Okay and with these conditions the pain may vary, it could be a underneath the heel or to either side of the heel either way the application is the same I’m going to apply full stretch to the middle portion of the tape as I put that underneath the heel and up the back of the leg I’m going to lay those up pieces down with stretch on them I’m taking care not to cross in front of the ankle bone on either side here and the last bit of this.

Tape I’m going to just take the paper off and apply that down with no stretch of the tape, that’s very important again applying the tape down with no stretch for the second piece in this application I’m going to tear another Istrip, again tearing that paper in the middle and much as I did in the first piece I’m applying nice even pressure this is going on the back of the heel with full stretch on the middle portion of the tape applying that down and leaving plenty of tape for anchor.

KT Tape Heel Pain

From here I’m going to pinch that tape off and as I peel that paper off I’m going to lay that down with no stretch same thing on this side paper off laying that down no stretch on that tape and to finish it off I am going to use a piece of the paper creating some friction, to create a little heat causing that glue to adhere to the skin very well this is important on all applications, though especially around the foot and ankle which move quite a bit.

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