Sore Arch Foot Massage

In this clip I’m going to be talking about the arch of the foot. It can be very long. There are bones on both sides so very carefully, I’m not crazy about pressing bone on bone, so I’m going to go into this area that is in between the two which is very tender. It seems to get a lot of people because either they are flat footed or they have a high arch. If you are not doing something about that for your shoes then I suggest you look into.

It as soon as possible. Now I’m going to be double pressing my thumbs and going into the lower arch and moving up into the higher arch of the foot. I’m just pressing on the outside of the arch and then I’m moving in on the inside of the arch. It can be very tender so I’m going gently as to know what my limitations are and then I’m going to give it a glide back up and then another glide back up, then I can be repeating the same thing. Now I can.

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