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Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. And it’s about to get cold up in here! I’ve had a couple emails asking about tendonitis and bursitis and one good way to calm down that inflammation is ice massage. So I’m gonna show you guys how to do an ice massage today. Let’s get started. So with an ice massage, you can just use ice cubes, but what I like to do is get a Dixie Cup. You fill it up maybe 34 or 12 way full of water and freeze it for a couple.

Of hours. So it works really nicely cause you have something to hold on to, and there’s a wide space that you can do your massage with. But again, you can do it with ice cubes if you don’t have any Dixie Cups a home. What you want to do is tear the top of the Dixie Cup and then leave some of the bottom portion around so you can hold on to it so you’re not holding directly onto the ice part. Tear it off like that so you have some nice edges.

To work with, nice smooth top to work with. A lot of times with the bursitis or tendonitis, it happens in the knee. You’ve got a bursa here which gets inflamed a lot. And your patella tendon down here that gets irritated a lot, so I’m gonna demonstrate on the patella tendon. The important part is to remember is only do it for about 6 minutes. You don’t want to do direct ice to your skin for much longer than 6 minutes. So you’re gonna start off with just gently rubbing on it and this is to numb it. That’s probably gonna take about.

Reduce Tendonitis or Bursitis Inflammation with Ice Massage Ask Doctor Jo

A minute or so. And you’re gonna feel it get burny, then tingly, then go numb. Once it gets numb, we’ll say that I’ve been doing this for about a minute and a half or two minutes, you can actually start pushing a little bit harder and using the edges cause then it’s not gonna hurt anymore cause it’s numb. You can go side to side, and that’s cross friction on the tendon. Or you can go up and down and follow the tendon. And so you want to keep doing that, like I said, for only about 6 minutes cause you don’t want.

To have the direct coldness on your skin for longer than much 6 minutes. And there you go, that’s a simple ice massage. Make sure you’re doing that massage over the tendon or the bursa and not a nerve cause you don’t want your foot to go numb or your wrist to go numb. And remember only do it for about 6 minutes cause you don’t want ice directly on your skin for much longer than 6 minutes. So if you have any questions, leave questions in the comments section. And if you’d like to check out some more tutorials, go to AskDoctorJo.

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