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Today we are going to do the top 3 exercisesfor plantar fasciitis. First we are going to talk about what plantar fasciitis is. If youbreak down plantar fasciitis, the word plantar means the bottom surface of the foot, righthere. Fascia, like myofascial pain syndrome, what fascia is is the loose coveringaround muscle and tendons in the body. If you ever eat chicken and you take off theskin, there is that thin membrane surrounding the actual meat of the chicken.That is fascia. You have a really thick fascia on the underside of your foot. Thatis the plantar fascia. Fasciitis, that last itis, what that means, itis means inflammation.So dermatitis, appendicitis, they are

inflammation of the skin and appendix respectively.Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of that fascia on the underside of the foot.It happens a lot with running. It also happens a lot with people who are overweight and standon their feet for long periods. It is pretty painful condition that we see a lot. Whatwill happen is the person will usually have very specific pain right here on the calcaneus.That is where the plantar fascia connects to. The 3 things that we normally do in the are this. The first is you can take a roll or a Coke can works well or any sort of coldcan. Because with plantar fasciitis meaning inflammation, you want to use ice to calmit down. One of the common exercises we

will do is just have a person start on theirheel then roll it forward the whole way along the plantar fascia, the whole way along theplantar surface of the foot. You can do that for a minute or two. Pretty simple. The second exercise that we do is a commoncondition that accompanies plantar fasciitis is something called hallux rigidus.It is a big fancy term that means that the big toe, your first toe, cannot bend back adequately.So what happens is the person is walking through and they are walking and theyare pushing off. When they strike their heel and they go to roll through, they don’thave that extension, they don’t have that

movement, the range of motion with their bigtoe. So another thing we want to do is stretch that. What that will do is take pressureoff of the plantar fasciitis as the person is walking or as they are running. What we dois sit figure 4, grab the big toe and pull it back towards you. 30 second hold and in the, we do 3 of those. The second is a big toe stretch or the great toe stretch.You should feel that right through here and if you do have plantar fasciitis, you may feelit the whole way back to your heel. The third and final exercise is a plantarfascia stretch. What we do is it is very similar to the great toe stretch but you stretch all5 toes back at the same time. You grab a bath

towel and anchor your heel. into the towel then pull back. It is prettysimple. The same thing, you should feel a stretch all along the plantar fascia, allalong the underside of your foot. 30 second hold, 3 times. What you can do, a little trick isyou can anchor the towel on your knee so you are not having to pull up the whole time andend up with some other sort of problem. It takes all of the pressure off of your arms.30 second hold, 3 times. Those are the 3 exercises for plantar fasciitis.

KT Tape Plantar Fasciitis

我是Chris Harper 这�是Makayla, 我们�演示足底筋膜炎贴布的应用 这个疼痛�于你脚�跟或足弓的底部 原因也许包括脚底结缔 组织太短,�紧或感染 也许因为训练过度 ��脚或破了的鞋�

体�增加,脚内转或�规则的脚部结构 KT贴布通过�供支撑 使组织得到休��改善状况 对这个应用, 我们把脚部放到�一个�盖上 我们将脚�置于�上的�置,脚趾也�样 �这样处于伸展�置 我们�一整�

找到有标志的一端,弯曲撕开背纸,�固定点 直接贴与脚趾下 完全无拉伸�贴这片贴布 我们�确�我们的脚趾进最大程度�上伸展 撕开背纸,�50%拉伸 如果这个100%,退回一��� 我们开始贴在脚�跟的底部 然��上沿�跟腱环绕脚�跟的背部

最�一点,我们无拉伸贴下 我们把弓弦部分�好在脚的底部 �一些摩擦生�一些热�, 使其粘得更好, 下一片 �固定点 弯曲撕开背纸, 我们通过到脚外侧或相对一侧�测�这片贴布

就在脚根��,沿脚根下��上 无拉伸贴下贴布末端 撕去背纸 我们把贴布贴在脚�骨�出的地方 从这里开始�匀的给一点拉伸 80%拉伸,环绕脚�跟

零张力贴下对�的贴布 �一些摩擦生�一些热�, 使其粘得更好, 我们�最�一整� 弯曲撕开背纸, 这一次我们�将这�以一定斜度贴在第一�之� 零张力贴下固定点

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