Treating Plantar Fasciitis During Pregnancy

Hi. Today I want to cover foot pain during pregnancy, and this is really a common problem. Probably 60 to 70 of women who get pregnant will have foot pain at some point during their pregnancy. And the reason for that is twofold. Number one is you’re simply gaining weight, and as you gain weight, that forces the foot to go down. As the foot goes down, it gets longer, and as it gets longer, it stretches every structure on the bottom of your foot, all the tendons, ligaments, and muscles, and they get painful and inflamed. And on top.

Of the foot as it goes down all these bones get compressed together. So you’re getting pain on the bottom of the foot, the top of the foot, basically anywhere. The second thing that causes pain in the foot during pregnancy is the release of the hormone relaxin. So it’s meant to relax the birth canal, but it relaxes every ligament in your body, and the areas that are under stress are the birth canal and the foot. So again, these ligaments get looser, and over time they go like that. Now, that often can lead.

To actually the foot being larger after pregnancy and staying permanently that way because that foot splays out. So what I’m talking about now is how you can prevent the pain during pregnancy and possibly prevent the foot from getting larger or limit how much it gets larger during pregnancy. And the simple thing here is really all we are talking about is using arch support. We want to get a good arch support under the arch of the foot. This is a good overthecounter arch support. If you just go to our website, do a search for pregnancy, you’ll find a list.

Prevent Foot Pain in Pregnancy Seattle Podiatrist

Of the better ones on the market. The idea here is just to stop that foot from going down as much, and really a good arch support can make all the difference in the world in taking stress or tension off these structures down here and stopping these from being pushed together. So not only do you get rid of the pain but you help stop that lengthening of the arch. And although there haven’t been any studies on this, it makes sense that that may help stop that foot from getting bigger during pregnancy. Now, if this doesn’t relieve your.

Pain completely, you can get a custom orthotic. You would go to a podiatrist that specializes in biomechanics or orthotic therapy, and you really want to get one that grabs that arch extremely tight. This looks very similar, but this one is made for your foot. The issue I see a lot is these devices are made and it just doesn’t grab that arch tight enough. So they are really sometimes no better than an overthecounter orthotic. For this problem, you want something that grabs that arch extremely tight. So see someone that specializes in.

Orthotics if you are going to do that. Most women, however, are going to do fine with a good overthecounter arch support. And don’t think you have to wear big athletic shoes to do that. They make them that are for dress shoes, and you can even get some very nice sandals like this one here that has really quite excellent support through there. This is something you can wear around the house. This brand here called Aetrex. There’s another brand I like called Vionic. They make them as slippers. They make them as sandals.

They make them like this as flipflops. They all have this really great arch support. And again, if you just go to the website and do a search for pregnancy, I’ve got a list of the best sandals, the best overthecounter arch support both for dress shoes and athletic shoes. Basically, my suggestion is just don’t go barefoot at all. That’s really going to take a lot of the stress off the feet. It’s going to get rid of a lot of the pain and hopefully prevent that foot from getting bigger while you’re pregnant. That’s it on this information.

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