Very Sharp Pain In Foot

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Sharp Shooting Pain in the Foot Recurrent Neuromas

Have you had one, two or even three neuromaoperations that have failed? Are you experiencing a pulling, burning pain in the ball of yourfoot? Does even raising your foot up off the ground hurt, much less, bearing weight onit? Are you experiencing a sharp, shooting, electrical sensation into the forefoot? Ifso, you have recurrent neuroma.This is called a stump neuroma and it is entrapped and scarredinto the forefoot. Treatment for recurrent or stump neuromas can be challenging and wehave several new treatments for this condition. I have over ten years experience in solvingthis disorder with such treatments as radiofrequency neural ablation, which we know as RFNA, andin some cases we may have to perform a surgical

procedure to relieve your symptoms. This involvestransferring the nerve in the muscle, which relieves the pain. If you think you have arecurrent neuroma, some in for a consultation and let me help you..

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